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The Countess is 349 years old - The Bluefaced Baron LACE - Bluefaced Leicester

The Bluefaced Baron LACE  (yes, capitalised because we want to sing about it from the rooftops) is a gorgeously soft and lustrous yarn with the added bonus of being machine washable for easy care of your handcrafted item.

Bluefaced Leicester is strong and sturdy and whilst most people find it to be next-to-skin soft, it's not quite as soft as merino but it does soften, bloom and reveal great drape once it has been washed and blocked.

Lace yarn is perfect if you're in the mood to Bang Out A Boo or fancy swishing about in a delicate looking cardy (links will take you to Ravelry where you'll fall down the vortex of searching for the perfect pattern only to find that 76% of them are exactly what you're looking for and you can't narrow your choices down).