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Sharp Premium Interchangeable Set

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Our Premium sets come with more tips than Standard sets with an additional 3.00mm tip in small sets and 7.00mm and 7.50mm tips in large sets.

Our Sharp Interchangeable Needle Sets include a selection of interchangeable cables and 4" or 5" interchangeable tips in large or small sizes and needle grips, presented in a stylish brocade case.

HiyaHiya Interchangeable Needles feature keyless screw-on connections, swivel cables and seamless joins.

Our high quality stainless steel sharp tips offer strength, with a hollow construction for a lovely lightweight feel. The tapered point is ideal for intricate stitch patterns. 

Small sets contain:

Sharp Tips in 5":


Small Size Cables:

1 x 16"/40cm
1 x 24"/60cm
1 x 32"/80cm
1 x 40"/100cm

Colours may vary.