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Saturnalia Party 2017 - Saturday 9th December

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Can you believe it? It is time for our third annual Saturnalia party at the Countess Ablaze studio.

The winning format from the previous two parties will happen again, only this year we're in the large sparkly studio in Manchester city centre.

This will be a charity gig again and ALL the proceeds from the ticket sales will go to Mustard Tree, who do cracking work in this city with the homeless and marginalized. 20% of all sales on the day will also be given to them.

Please note that tickets are non-refundable but if you are unable to come, please let us know as we often hold a waiting list and if we can find somebody to transfer your ticket to, we can give you a gift card for Countess Ablaze (it's a charity gig and we want to donate as much money as we can).

Questions: Answers:
When? Saturday 9th December from 3 pm. If you arrive earlier, you'll be stood outside in the default Manchester weather or you can hit up one of the many eateries and drinkeries in the Northern Quarter. The end time is when the last person is still standing.
What exactly happens at these parties? Drinking, eating, crafting and enjoying good company.
I want to come! How do I get a ticket? Buy from this page and you'll be put onto our guest list. We won't send a ticket through the post but rest assured, you're on the list. We will email you with a reminder closer to the date.
Will you be providing refreshments? Waitrose Entertainment is already on standby!
I have intolerances/allergies, can you cater for me?

We sure can! 50% of our workforce has foodie considerations so we can certainly make sure that you're catered for. As a rule of thumb, we always make sure that we have food for decent meals for vegetarians/vegans/gluten-free/lactose-free and are properly labeled.

Also, you'll get to hit the buffet before hoi polloi so you know your grub hasn't accidentally been contaminated.

Let us know in the notes section when you checkout so we can get our menus right.

What shall I bring?

Please bring a bottle of either alcohol or a soft drink. We will have drinks available but as this is a charity gig, we do appreciate a little help on this. 

However please do not bring red wine or Vimto-coloured drinks. Our landlord would have a fit if these liquids stained the flooring.

Also, bring your WIP although maybe a simple garter stitch might be preferable.

I'm a crocheter, can I come?

We don't discriminate between knitters or crocheters so if you do things with string or fluff, buy your ticket now.

Can I bring my kids? HELLS NO! I don't even bring mine.
What shall I wear?

Whatever you want! However, if you show up in a toga I will use you as Instagram fodder.

Just don't outshine the Countess. ;-)

I'm coming alone and won't know anybody. Is that okay? Most people who come to our parties come alone so you'll be in good company. Many of our knit group regulars will be coming and they are a warm-hearted bunch who'll make you feel at home in no time.
Tell me about the studio. Check out this page.

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