Countess Ablaze

I Bet You Eat Tinned Sweetcorn - 50g Lady Persephone Sock Set - Bluefaced Leicester & Nylon

Hand-dyed variegated yarns in reds, purples and orange.

Our bestselling yarn base, now available in 50-gram skeins, perfect for mixing and matching. This is a set of 5 skeins, mixed colours, with a total weight of 250 grams.

The Countess hates to describe her products as a workhouse yarn but the reality is, this yarn is so universal in purposes, that it actually is.

The long staple length of the smooth lustre Bluefaced Leicester wool (a British breed of sheep who look like they have tonnes of personality) combined with a touch of nylon, make this a soft yet incredibly durable yarn. 

We hate to describe it as multi-purpose because that doesn't sound particularly glamorous but if you were stashing yarn with wild abandon, you cannot go wrong with this base. It is perfect for socks, shawls and sweaters alike so once you finally figure out what your yarn will evolve into, it's just going to work out. 

It's not quite as soft as merino but it will barely pill at all. Say goodbye to shaving your knitwear with this fabulous yarn base. The colours are glossy on this yarn and thanks to the superwash treatment, machine washable too.