Gorgeousness and Gorgeosity Made Flesh - Stanley Kubrick Collection - Custom Blend

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We have been meticulously planning, prepping and designing for this collection behind the scenes for a few months now and we’re VERY excited to be launching our red carpet, opening night event for all our Countess Ablaze fans. So here we go!

Countess Ablaze presents…

Cabin fever, war, lust, travelling through space, deceit, and murder; it’s our brand-spanking new custom blends collection!

This collection has been designed based around some of our favourite films directed by Stanley Kubrick; we love the weird and unusual genius of his work, and more importantly the creativity it inspires. So we thought we would channel that into some amazing new custom blend fibres for your spinning and felting pleasure.

We have not one, not two, not even four, but SIX new blends for your guilty viewing pleasure.

- Room 237 (inspired by The Shining)

- My God, It's Full of Stars! (inspired by Space Odyssey)

- Private Joker (Inspired by Full Metal Jacket)

- Gorgeousness and Gorgeosity Made Flesh (inspired by A Clockwork Orange)

- F is For Fidelio (inspired by Eyes Wide Shut)

- Heart Shaped Glasses (inspired by Lolita)

- The complete set

Name: Gorgeousness and Gorgeosity Made Flesh (inspired by A Clockwork Orange)
Fibres: Merino (62.5%), bamboo (12.5%) & Trilobal nylon (12.5%)
Minimum weight: 100 grams / 3.5 oz
Washing instructions: Hand wash unless you intend to felt
Extra information: n/a
Availability: This is a repeatable custom blend from Countess Ablaze
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