Countess Ablaze

Mixed fibres for craft - Mixed Colours

Mixed fibres for craft:

A minimum of 100 grams (3.5oz) of hand-dyed combed tops and custom blend fibres in small amounts, perfect for blending on drum carders, hand carders or blending boards, felting, or using as-is. If you have any fibre allergies or sensitivities, this may not be the pack for you.

Fibres differ from pack to pack and are dependent upon what we have to hand and we cannot take colour requests. 


These packs are mixed colours for projects that require all sorts of hues. The photograph is representative of what you might receive but each pack is a surprise.


Fibres can be any of the following: BFL, Merino, Shetland, Manx, Falkland, Gotland, Finn, Dorset Horn, Perendale, Masham, Wensleydale, Corriedale, Woodland Whiteface, Polwarth, silk, camel, llama, mohair, cashmere... and quite possibly more!


The pack may contain superwash fibre but it will be predominately non-superwash.