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Free shipping on UK orders over £40 and international orders over £150!

Blue* - Astronaut - Superchunky Merino

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PERSIA - the colourway name is called Persia. It is our oldest colourway at Countess Ablaze and from 2020 onwards, whenever anybody orders this and pays by PayPal, PayPal suspends our account pending investigation for "suspicious reasons." The colourway is called Persia as the yarn is blue-turquoise and turquoise the stone originates from Persia/Iran. So we're doctoring the name of the colourway of the listing because this a ridiculous situation.

Mill-dyed super chunky blue yarn

  • Base name - Astronaut
  • Country of origin - South African wool spun in the UK
  • Fibre - 100% Merino wool
  • Thickness - Super chunky weight
  • Weight - 200 grams / 7 oz
  • Length - 130 metres / 142 yards
  • Needle size - 8mm - 12mm
  • Washing guidance - hand wash at low temperatures unless you intend to felt

Mill dyed yarns are more cost-effective than hand-dyed yarns as they're dyed on an industrial scale. Skeins within a batch are also more likely to be consistent so alternating skeins is optional.


Super chunky yarn is all the rage. Also known as Pencil Roving, this yarn can be used for knitting and crochet but you can also spin it. Check out this range of vibrant colours to compliment our hand-dyed The Space Cadet super chunky yarn.