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Free shipping on UK orders over £40 and international orders over £150!

Big Fish in a Little Pond - The Curious Observer LACE - Kid Mohair & Silk

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Hand-dyed variegated orange, teal and blue kidsilk yarn

  • Base name - The Curious Observer Lace
  • Country of origin - South African Mohair spun in Peru
  • Fibre - 72% kid Mohair & 28% mulberry silk
  • Thickness - lace weight
  • Weight - 50 grams / 1.75oz
  • Length - 420 metres / 459 yards
  • Needle size - 2.25mm - 4mm
  • Washing guidance - hand wash at low temperatures

Hand-dyed yarns are unique and each skein can have subtle differences. If using more than one skein, alternate skeins every few rows to blend the colours.

Super soft and floofy kidsilk yarn, perfect for warm lace shawls or holding double with another yarn for patterns such as Love Note by Tin Can Knits and Diaphanous Raglan by Jessie Maed Designs.

Kid mohair comes from the first shearing of angora goats so is fine and soft. Being fluffy it will tickle a little, which like Marmite, some people love and some people don't. But kid mohair is a far cry from the days of scratchy mohair 80s jumpers! This yarn creates a sheer fabric that is ultra-warm and snuggly.