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Free shipping on UK orders over £40 and international orders over £150!

A Box That Isn't Too Big For What I've Ordered - The Cheviot Cavalry Aran - superwash Cheviot wool

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Hand-dyed grey yarn with a pink glaze

  • Base name - The Cheviot Cavalry Aran
  • Country of origin - British wool spun in the UK
  • Fibre - 100% superwash Cheviot wool
  • Thickness - Aran weight
  • Weight - 100 grams / 3.5 oz
  • Length - 165 metres / 180 yards
  • Needle size - 4.5 - 5mm
  • Washing guidance - machine washable at low temperatures but hand washing advised to preserve vibrancy of the dye

Hand-dyed yarns are unique and each skein can have subtle differences. If using more than one skein, alternate skeins every few rows to blend the colours.


You will not like this yarn. It is rugged, it is unapologetically scratchy and it is hardy. You will not like this yarn if you only wear merino.

You will ADORE this yarn if you love your wool to look, feel and smell like it once kept a sheep warm. Cheviot is often the wool that is used in Scottish tweeds. It's a dense, lofty and hardy wool from a hill breed of sheep used to living in windy conditions. It is very much underrated in the hand knitting world but it rocks the colour like a catwalk queen.

Compared to merino, the most widely dyed wool in the hand dyeing industry, it isn't as soft but isn't too coarse either. If you're a little more on the skin sensitive side, I'd recommend this superwash treated yarn for outerwear.

But if you ADORE wearing wool that actually feels like wool, crack on and knit whatever you like with fierce abandon!