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The Twelve Caesars Collection - 2014

The Twelve Caesars Collection was a monthly installment of yarn and fibre which ran in 2014.

“The Twelve Caesars” (or De vita Caesarum in Latin - seriously, we won’t be doing this in Latin!) was written by a Roman historian called Suetonius, who was also Hadrian’s personal secretary. Now the reason why I absolutely LOVE this guy is because he was pretty much the Perez Hilton of the Roman Empire (I detest modern celebrity scandal though but this brand of ancient scandal is often juicy and accessible). He wrote twelve biographies of the first twelve emperors so each month will be one emperor:

JanuaryJulius Caesar [yarn preview / fibre preview]

February  Augustus [yarn preview / fibre preview]

MarchTiberius [yarn preview / fibre preview]

April  Caligula [yarn preview / fibre preview]
May  Claudius [yarn preview / fibre preview]

June  Nero [yarn preview / fibre preview]

July  Galba [yarn preview / fibre preview]

August  Otho [yarn preview / fibre preview]

September  Vitellius [yarn preview / fibre preview]

October  Vespasian [yarn preview / fibre preview]

November  Titus [yarn preview / fibre preview]

December  Domitian [yarn preview / fibre preview]

Each month I dyed yarn and fibre associated with characters, events and quotes from each chapter. I’m working from a translation by Robert Graves who was also the guy who wrote I, Claudius. If you loved reading/watching I, Claudius or even Rome (HBO/BBC), then Suetonius might just be right up your street. If you fancy picking up a copy of The Twelve Caesars to read along, that’d be wicked but there’s no pressure for anybody to do so, this is just a bit of fun and to give me some structured inspiration to dye to.