Our COVID-19 policy

Hey there!

We've been taking this thing quite seriously here and have already put tonnes of measures in place to protect staff and our customers, before the government even announced their guidelines.


Online Orders:

In line with the UK government closing non-essential retail shops, we are temporarily closed and focusing upon online orders for now. 

I've been hesitant to send post because of reports by postal staff themselves, about poor working conditions. I've had plenty of emails from posties confirming this & thanking us for thinking of them.

No solution is perfect but I've been keeping my ear to the ground, researched all delivery carriers & have decided to stay with Royal Mail. Conditions have improved in most areas, although they have staff shortages & a large backlog, but importantly they now finally have access to corona testing. Our online store reopens on May 1st.

We are shipping worldwide but if there are any issues with any countries, we'll let you know.

All packages from now on will be sent with tracking so this brings in new shipping prices:

UK customers = £4.00 flat rate via Royal Mail with tracking and free delivery when you spend over £50.
International customers = £9.00 flat rate via Royal Mail with tracking and free delivery when you spend over £125.
Please allow extra time for your order to arrive as postal services are under strain.


Our Studio:

// IT IS UNLIKELY THAT WE WILL REOPEN TO THE PUBLIC UNTIL 2021 - online orders are super busy, we don't want people touching yarn just yet as we'd have to quarantine it which is crushing to a small business, plus our team have health conditions. We want to see you too but we'll be patient, follow the science and decide much later in the year what to do. Just not yet. However if you're in Manchester and wish to collect an online order, let us know in the notes section of checkout as we have a collections station with a screen. (June 3rd 2020) //

When we do open: everything has changed. We've been putting in preparations to preempt the government guidelines and will add further changes if required.

  • We had 2 floors of retail, now we have one. The middle floor was always mixed retail/dry production but separated out keeps my staff safer
  • The front door opens from the intercom so we don't need to stand close to let you in
  • A perspex screen is on the till counter
  • There will be a limit on customer numbers allowed in at a time
  • Floor signs for social distancing
  • Access to a sink for hand washing with a liquid soap from an electronic dispenser, paper towels, as well as hand sanitiser and moisturiser
  • We've had a deep clean and will continue to keep to the strictest hygiene standards (one of Blazin'Squad is a former ICU nurse so rest assured, we've got this!)

However, this business is mixed three ways between small scale manufacturing, e-commerce and bricks and mortar retail and it is unlikely that I will open the studio to the public when the UK government says non-essential retail can reopen. I will make this decision later on after seeing the impact of non-essential retail being open, and will concentrate on manufacturing and e-commerce in the meantime. If I open to the public too early and put my staff at risk of infection, I'm at risk of damaging all three segments of the business, rather than just the one, as well as compromising their health.


My Staff, affectionately called Blazin'Squad:

As of October 1st, we've split into two bubble teams so that should one bubble need to self-isolate, the other bubble can still send out online orders. This works perfectly for those of us who are more vulnerable health-wise in the pandemic.


Rock on & don't let anyone into your dance space!