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After 8 years of being retail only, we are looking to expand into wholesale in 2020.

See our page Becoming a Retailer.


For online orders, the two payment processors are PayPal and Stripe. Both are secure payment processors, and Stripe is integrated into the shop checkout.  It is not possible to pay by cheque or postal order. 

If you are a UK or EU customer, you will pay VAT on your order. The website shows prices both with and without. 

Gift cards do not have VAT applied but VAT is applied to the redeeming order if you are a UK or EU customer.


Discount codes are time sensitive and will not be reissued after the expiry date. For help using a discount code, please see this page

Discount codes can not be applied retrospectively and must be used at the time of purchase.


You certainly can! 

You can visit our showrooms in Manchester Northern Quarter at 21 Swan Street, Manchester, M4 5JJ. This is not a traditional yarn shop but a functioning dye studio.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 10am - 5pm. 

There are two showrooms on the ground and first floor. The building is DDA compliant with a lift and wheelchair access throughout. The top floor dye studio is not open to the public and we do not hold tours.

As this is a showroom and production space spread over three floors, we operate on a buzzer system. Please press the buzzer to gain entry and one of us shall let you in. All the businesses on our complex operate the same way and it keeps our staff (and yarn!) safe as we're not a traditional shop.

As of 2020, we're no longer hosting a knit and crochet group in the studio. After five years of hosting one, it has become too much for the Countess to "perform neurotypical" so we've made the decision to stop hosting for the time being.

Hell no! We are a MLM-free venue so do not bring your products to our events to try to sell as you shall be asked to leave.

We also do not host charity coffee meetings.


In the essence of fairness, we do not reserve items. The shop is run on a first come, first served basis.

With apologies, we do not wind skeins of yarn into balls as we're quite busy.

You can see a list of all our yarn bases, complete with full transparency of country of origin and production by clicking here.

We have a new subscription yarn box which launched in January 2019 at YARN CARTEL.

See this page by clicking here.

At Countess Ablaze, no wool washes or detergents are used in the post-production of the hand dyeing process. Yarns and fibres are rinsed clear with water only so that customers with skin sensitivities are minimally impacted. If anything is used, it's a touch of Fairy washing up liquid to soften saturated colours.

No, we sell our yarns exactly how they are sold to us by the mill. We do not cut these into smaller lengths, nor is it possible to provide a longer length. 

Get in touch with your ideas and how we can help and we'll take it from there. We look for designs that are bold, rebellious and definitely not suitable for a twee-bollocks flatlay with a carefully curated coffee table.

Please bear in mine when contacting us, the Countess and most of Blazin'Squad are on the autistic spectrum so please provide a very clear proposal, use bullet points not walls of text, and be direct, not wishy-washy. We can only collaborate with designers who can accommodate our communication needs.


Countess Ablaze is not currently available for free or discounted merchandise for reviews, giveaways, blogs, podcasts, magazines, etc as this creates bias in the review. If you come across such promotion on the internet or print media, it is because we have initiated the contact and collaboration and because reviewers have paid full price for the merchandise to give an honest verdict.

We don't teach how to dye at this time but check out the book 'Dyeing to Spin & Knit' by Felicia Lo of Sweet Georgia Yarns which is in our opinion, the best book for beginners.

We don't do the show circuit at all but as of 2018, we've decided to exhibit at one major show a year.

2018 - Woollinn, Ireland

2019 - Edinburgh Yarn Festival, UK

2020 - Unravel Festival, UK

When it comes to product photography, of course you can. Please leave the watermarks on the photos and photos may be used on your personal social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Ravelry. Please ask permission for other uses of Countess Ablaze images.

All photographs look different on different monitors but what we see on ours is as close as possible to how the item looks. A Canon Powershot G9 X Mark II camera and a calibrated monitor are used. Images are double checked on a range of devices, including tablet and mobile phone, on different operating systems, before they are published.

Please bear in mind that devices using fl.ux tend to alter the light on your screen to match your ambient light, which has an effect on colour reproduction.

For the best representation of product photographs, please use a desktop/laptop screen.

Please see this page.

We hate dyeing to order so won't do it.

We get requests for donations daily and we do not provide free or discounted products, or host third party charity functions at our studio.

Any charity work by Countess Ablaze has been initiated by ourselves and are charities meaningful to us.


We will reply to all messages within 48 hours. Please only send one message in this timeframe as repeated messages cause a backlog.

Please ensure that your email address is correct as, without it, we cannot reply.

Please be aware that the Countess has high functioning autism / Aspergers which means that communication can sometimes feel difficult and overwhelming. When writing, please be concise, clear and friendly so that she can understand your intentions and it means she (or more likely a team member) will be able to respond to you quickly. Ideally be concise and use bullet points rather than long-winded paragraphs - that's far too much information to attempt to process.



The postage charge is £3.50 for UK customers up to £49.99.

Postage is free on UK orders £50.00 and over. 

This is a 1st Class service with Royal Mail and we do not offer a tracked service.

The postage charge is £5.00 for European customers regardless of how many items you buy.

For everywhere else:

Up to 250 grams : £5.50

251 - 500 grams : £8.00

551 - 750 grams : £11.00

751 - 1000 grams : £14.00

1.1 - 1.5 kilos : £19.00

1.6 - 2 kilos : £24.00

Over 2 kilos : £30.00

All EU and international postage is free on orders £100 and over.

Our postage days are Tuesday to Friday. Get your order in before 2pm UK time and we aim to get it out same day.

We do not provide tracking numbers as they only work within the UK.

If your order has not arrived after 15 working days (if you are a UK buyer) and 25 working days (if you are an international buyer), please get in touch with me. Royal Mail does not consider the post to be lost until after this period of time.

Working days means Monday to Friday. Please do not get in touch until these times have passed.

As the buyer, you are responsible for any customs charges that your order may incur. We do not falsify Customs declarations so please do not ask.

If you wish to avoid customs charges, please consider making multiple orders as opposed to one. Your order will be posted out as multiple orders.

Responsibility rests with buyers to ensure that the address supplied at checkout is their correct current address. Under no circumstances will Countess Ablaze Ltd accept responsibility for packages which are lost or delayed due to incorrect address information nor will we provide refunds for such omission by buyers. Please ensure that your PayPal details are up to date.

At  Countess Ablaze, we do not combine orders and never have. We get hundreds of orders a week and as the Countess has Aspergers, it makes workflow much more productive if orders are worked through in a linear fashion. Combining orders causes more administration and an increased likelihood of orders being sent incorrectly.