Countess Ablaze

Stop Firing Whistleblowers - Countess of Exmoor - Exmoor Blueface, Corriedale, Zwarbles, Nylon

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Hand-dyed variegated green and purple yarn.

We never thought we could love a sock yarn as much as Lady Persephone Sock but it turns out that we do! When the fine folks at John Arbon Textiles got in touch with us at the end of 2019 with their new Exmoor Sock, they wrote that "this yarn would look amazing dyed in your style." Well, they weren't wrong!

Life got in the way (it's 2020, it's been a year) and we decided that we needed a pick-me-up and that this was it. The dye just GLOWS on this base.

Exmoor Blueface is a crossbreed of Exmoor Horn and Bluefaced Leicester sheep and can be found munching their way through grass in Devon, UK. It's bouncy and strong as you'd expect from a long-stapled fibre.

This Corriedale wool is from the Falklands (but is a sheep breed originating from New Zealand) and Zwarbles is naturally dark wool from a Dutch breed of sheep that was imported to the UK in the 1990s. Nylon is added for a touch more strength.

John Arbon Textiles designed this yarn with sock knitting in mind but is just as versatile for other projects. I'm longing for a shawl. We also sell this yarn mill-dyed in 50-gram skeins, perfect for combining colours together.