Gentleman's Relish - Superwash Cheviot - 100 grams

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This colourway is part of our September REBEL BATCH of non-repeatable colourways from the collection PURE FILTH. Make sure you buy enough to complete your project as the Countess was too busy whipping knitters into submission for dropping a stitch to bother to write down the recipes.


Fibre 100% superwash Cheviot
Country of origin Non-mulsed wool from UK
Minimum weight 100 grams / 3.5 oz approximately
Micron 30 - 35 mic
Staple length Average length of 100 mm
Washing guidance Can be machine washed but hand washing at low temperatures is recommended. Not suitable for felting.
Notes about hand dyed fibre

Fibres are unique and there will be small differences between braids, even if dyed in the same batch.

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