Countess Ablaze

** BLIND DATE with Countess Ablaze - Mystery bags of yarn

Now sold over 9500 Blind Dates

So here is the deal:

You volunteer yourself for a blind date and our Georgia (with a quick reminder) will select one of our dates especially for you. These yarns have been wrapped in paper for you to undress, complete with labels enticing you as to what lies beneath (hint - Countess trawled Tinder for these quotes. Some are NSFW).

Some examples:

    • "I'm not like most yarns" - most yarns.
    • I'm not going to be the yarn you'll marry but I'll be the yarn you're still thinking about in twenty years time when you're indulging in yarn times with a ball of acrylic.
    • Will treat you the way Kanye treats Kanye.
    • I'm on Ravelry to make friends, the same way I'm on PornHub to see the plumber fix the pipes.
    • Just looking for someone without a gag reflex.
    • I need to stop third wheeling at social events.

    You will get a skein from ANY of our yarn bases, always with a minimum retail value of £20. All fibre types are here and if you don't like Surprise, Surprise, keep away. But if you fancy taking a chance on meeting the yarn of your dreams, add one to your cart. Feck it, add an orgy of dates.

    No refunds. The Countess cannot be held responsible for matches not made in heaven. Please note that Blind Dates do not include holidays to exotic locations or promises of commitment. 

    Colour and yarn base requests cannot be taken as they're all wrapped up and randomised. Packaging may vary.