January 30, 2017

Salve! Hello! I would love to extend a warm welcome to you joining The Classics Society. We've been working on this concept for many months and we hope you'll find the journey fruitful and interesting.

If you've been with me for a while, you may remember that I did a couple of collections before. In 2015, I began with The Twelve Caesars Collection which was a monthly update of yarn and fibre dyed with Suetonius' work in mind. Each month featured a different Caesar and we ended up with some fabulous colourway names such as

The Sacred Chickens:

A child destined to become a public danger:


These honours did not protect him from frequent insults:

You can see all of The Twelve Caesars Collection on the original blog, in a bundle.

What was interesting about this concept is that very few, if any, dyers were doing an annual theme that was released monthly so it was a roaring success. All the colourways were non-repeatable but most importantly, there were many people who were intrigued by the literature that I was influenced by. Each month, we'd read along in the Ravelry group and quite often, people were newcomers to the ancient world who fascinated with the hilarious and controversial anecdotes of the first emperors of Rome. 

My proudest moment was when somebody got in touch to say they had signed up for a Classics degree, on the back of this Collection. 

I have a Classics and Ancient History degree so lets put it to some use!

~ Countess