October 26, 2016

Miriam first visited my studio a few months ago and she told me of a project that she was planning. She was wanting to spin my custom blend Geeks Like Rainbows Too and use it on her weaving loom. So here I was thinking that like most of us knitting folk who still think weaving is a magical voodoo and we might have bought a rigid heddle loom to fester away quietly in the corner, oh no. Miriam has a proper-proper loom. Awe. 

Italics come from Miriam's Etsy shop:

I sell 100 per cent wool tweed that I have woven myself in Cheshire on my Hattersley Domestic Mark 1 Loom affectionately known as Hattie. My day job is a weaver in a cotton museum. 

This is a unique piece of cloth with a Knoll Yarn warp and a handspun weft, the weft is gorgeous rainbow tones and a subtle rainbow glitter fibre.

I weave at home as a part of my artist's practice, however the cloth I sell I send to be professionally finished in a Scottish finishing mill meaning the cloth is scoured and cleaned and shrunk to the 72cm width I have available for sale.


I was sent a lovely piece of the finished cloth as a present and I can tell you now, it is glorious. I was nervous by her intended project because I know that when Geeks Like Rainbows Too is spun too fine, the colours get muddy and grey but Miriam has hit that sweet spot with this as the colour definition is brilliant. 


Miriam has pieces of this, as well as other fabrics, for sale in her Etsy shop and you can also visit her on Facebook and Instagram.