WORKSHOP // Woollinn Dublin 2019

November 26, 2018 2 min read

WORKSHOP // Woollinn Dublin 2019 Countess Ablaze

Hi, I'm Countess Ablaze and you may know me from the time I got drunk and agreed to do a yarn show, Yarnspotting, Tits Out Collective, the retina-burning hand dyed yarn, the array of amazing wigs and the fact I say no to pretty much everybody.

Well, I am coming back to that Irish yarn festival in June 2019 - sober. Hey there Woollinn Yarn Festival.

I shall be there as a teacher. Like a proper teacher, peering over my glasses. I might even wear a pencil skirt.

I shall teach you how to pick up one night stands, friends with benefits and future life partners, all with the power of knitting at the bar whilst dressing provocatively and wearing New Rocks. My formulas have been rigorously tested and have a 100% success rate... 😉

- how to BRAND your business (and it's far more than just a fancy logo and a set of colours)
- define your business persona and how to COMMUNICATE that to the world
- the power of COLLABORATION and how not to die from exposure
- taking RISKS versus playing it safe

This class is aimed at owners of small businesses in the yarn world and is suitable for newcomers and established businesses who want clarity on how to brand and market themselves, with an instructor who walks the walk and visibly uses these strategies daily. 💥 Tickets go on sale at on Friday at 4 pm GMT and 50% of all ticket sales of this workshop will be donated to Women's Aid Ireland.

Photo by @monikabrozphotography in Madrid, where I actually was teaching how to flirt using knitting 🙈



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