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🛍️ UK customers - FREE postage for a limited time 📦
Wigs for Lockdown Hair Play! | Countess Ablaze

Wigs for Lockdown Hair Play!

Hello there, with your newly buzzed lockdown hair! I've been an everyday wig wearer for almost 20 years due to an autoimmune condition but I'm not afraid to rock the skinhead either, or the fluffy 1cm look. 🤘

If you fancy playing with wigs over lockdown, Lush Wigs is excellent quality and well priced. I have over 45 wigs and about two-thirds come from here.

I have a thing for drag queen and show wigs because of course, I do. 💃 I buy those from Webster Wigs, Wig Chapel and Best Wigs EU.

Laceweight wigs have the most realistic hairlines but are also more expensive. They also feel more natural to wear. I only wear synthetic wigs and have never found them to be too hot.

I don't use wig tape, I use a super-strong hair gel instead because it won't damage the skin or hair follicles, if you have them, when removing your wig. Just spray a little water at the hairline to remove and clean the inside of gel residue.

Rock on!

P.S. No paid advertising here - just passing on some personal recommendations 😘

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