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What's the difference?: Space Cadet vs. Astronaut | Countess Ablaze

What's the difference?: Space Cadet vs. Astronaut

We get asked a bunch about the difference between the Astronaut and Space Cadet yarn bases, so let's take a moment to explain why these two bases are similar but require different care.


Azure, Astronaut, super chunky yarn

This beauty is the mill dyed super chunky base at Countess Ablaze. We don't dye this at the studio and it's your cost-effective option if you plan on working on a huge-ass project (I've seen your bedsheet sized shawls). 

It's 100% Merino so it's soft as heck but this does mean you have to be gentle with it, and it's hand-wash only at low temperatures (unless felting). This isn't for babies ideally; we know what they do and it isn't going to come out of this yarn.

This merino wool is from South Africa and spun here in the UK.

Astronaut clocks in at 200grams/7oz and is a whopping 130m/142yards, so a little goes a long way and it's almost magic how fast this knits up.

This yarn is perfect for beginners in our opinion, as its chunky profile means you can see exactly what you are doing and rectifying those inevitable mistakes is easier. We offer a range of solid colours from warm mustard all the way to a cool grey so there's something for everyone, from new to experienced fiber artists. 

[Yarn pictured: Astronaut: "Azure"]



Hand dyed superchunky merino wool yarn

The Space Cadet is hand-dyed at our studio in Manchester and is 90% Superwash Merino and 10% Stellina (sparkly polyamide) which gives it that unique sparkle. As it's a superwash base we can be wild with the colours. Not only does it sparkle from the Stellina, it glows from the dye too. 

Like its Astronaut buddy, it weighs 200g/7oz and is 130m/142yards. We recommend using 8mm-12mm needles for knitting, depending on your tension. 

The Space Cadet is your gourmet option; it has the same beginner-friendly assets but is more expensive as it's hand-dyed at the studio. The other positive is it can be machine washed at low temperatures thanks to its superwash treatment so it's perfect for making scarves or a hat for those bitter cold winters.

The Space Cadet colourways are added into our Rebel Batches and sometimes, if the Countess is feeling nice, she might pump out some repeatable colourways too.

[Yarn pictured: LOISH "MUSHROOM"]



Superchunky yarn for crochet, knitting and fiber arts


There isn't a huge amount of differences at first glance but how you treat these two bases is rather different. I hope this answers any of your questions, but feel free to ask if I haven't covered something you're curious about!

Rock on!

Blazin' Squad Haydn


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