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The Underground Playbook | Countess Ablaze

The Underground Playbook

Introducing The Underground Playbook

Everything you need to know about how Underground works, perfect if you are new or being there as we grow!

Welcome! I have been working hard on a guide to get the most out of Underground, the online community we launched this autumn.


We recognise that the platform - Mighty Networks - works differently from mainstream social media as you tailor the content that you want to see, not an algorithm. This can be kinda disorientating if you're not used to this.


We have split the info into web browser version and mobile app version and the Playbook covers everything from posting, editing, finding your way around and even how to find other Mighty Networks communities.


Simply use the left-side sidebar in your browser or click the menu icon in the upper left corner of the mobile app. Select "Mixtapes," and then click on The Underground Playbook. Finally, click to "Join" the Playbook once you're logged in.


Mixtapes are new here and they are what we're calling classes or lessons. In time, we will introduce more Mixtapes that are fibre arts-related. Dye class, anyone?!


The Underground Playbook is an evolving resource that we can add to and amend when required and we hope you'll find it useful.


Join Underground today!


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