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The Ministry of Truth Twisting | Countess Ablaze

The Ministry of Truth Twisting



When even The Daily Mail runs with the headline "WHAT PLANET ARE THEY ON?" then you know the shit has hit the fan here in the UK.

Our leadership has made it very clear that there is one rule for us proles and another rule for the elite. When people have had babies without birth partners, people have died alone in hospital, Zoom funerals, shopping bags left on doorsteps, mental health deterioration, struggles to access healthcare for anything non-Corona, and so much more.

Our Prime Minister straight up gave free rein to his chief advisor to do what he wanted, the rules were different for him. This transcends the political differences of left and right, this is about leadership and here in the UK, we are left without it. Boris Johnson has been consistently inconsistent throughout this lockdown and now he's just blown all our hard work in staying home.

I've said previously I won't do pandemic colourways, it's because I'm so used to controversial yarn themes that this is a level of discomfort I don't want to sit with.

But I will dye fuck the system colourways and this is going to be called The Ministry of Truth Twisting (shout-out to the Civil Servant on Twitter last night).

In line with all our other fuck the system colourways, like Brexshit and BoJo's Brexshit Bonanza, 20% will go to charity. I've chosen Citizens Advice Bureau who provide advice and advocacy about work, benefits, housing, disability, etc.

I'm thinking this one as being purple based and on Lady Persephone Sock only. Reduced staff means streamlining. You'll have to take a chance on how the colourway looks.

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