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🛍️ UK customers - FREE postage for a limited time 📦
The Classics Society 2018 Countess Ablaze

The Classics Society 2018

So about 18 months ago, I had this crackpot idea about starting a yarn subscription box. I already wear many hats as a yarn dyer, hosting events, running a retail store as well as an online shop. WHAT'S ONE MORE THING?

So I began my crackpot idea a year ago.
My husband thought that it was truly crackpot. It's too big, too different, too niche... 
Fortunately, my husband's wife could tell there was some traction in this. (That's me, btw, unless he has secret wives and then I'm going to need more than a yarn business to pay those legal bills...)

And then the start of The Classics Society coincided with moving into The Grand City Centre Studio of Yarn Dyeing Dreams.
Oh boy, I was exhausted.
All this at once? Yeah, the husband was right. This was a crackpot idea.

Then over the course of 2017, over 400 people have thrust their money and their faith (but mainly money because blind faith isn't going to pay the electricity bill) into this. 

There were a couple of teething problems, like with anything new. There were times that I wanted to throw the whole FKN thing out of the window and admit defeat.

But here we are. It is 2018 and we're gearing up for our second year. 
The Classics Society has been a CRACKPOT ROARING SUCCESS.
My husband now breathes a sigh of relief as it all works tickety-boo.

But what makes The Classics Society special?
Well, I dye it, for starters. ;)

Can you imagine the following?

  • a skein or two each month inspired by an ancient building

  • a booklet with an essay, artwork and professional photography

  • a specially designed gift 

  • access to shop updates at 24 hours (sometimes more) before general release

  • discounts at Countess Ablaze that hoi polloi don't have access to

  • an exclusive Facebook group for subscribers (I don't normally like people but the TCS folk have all been GOOD PEOPLE so far. One person tried to join the group by bypassing the subscription box and claimed she MUST join because she "comes from a good family." This is just how sought after this group is

  • A Virtual Knit Night with the Countess. Once a month. Ask me anything. Okay, maybe not anything

  • THE BOX. It's a sexy box. Sirens have sung melodies about my box. ;)

Having sewn a seed, I shall now quietly tiptoe out.
You can sign up for The Classics Society at

~ Countess Ablaze

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