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Join us UNDERGROUND in our new online community! Also, online shopping is back.
Taming a variegated hand-dyed yarn with a solid colour Countess Ablaze

Taming a variegated hand-dyed yarn with a solid colour

There's a couple of techniques that I love to use to really make the most of high-contrast variegated yarns. These are the ones that if you to take a grey scale photograph of the skein, it's noticeably varied in grey tones and pale or white.


The top photo is a fingering weight colourway we dyed a few years ago and I stashed a skein or two. It's a speckled yarn on an undyed base so high-contrast. I've used Fyberspates Cumulus, a fluffy baby alpaca and mulberry silk laceweight, to hold done on this project, a simple square crochet cushion cover. Not only does it appeal to my tactile need for fluff, it brings cohesiveness to the dye style and is a technique that works both on crochet and knitting.


This is another of my favourite tricks to tame your wildly variegated yarn. In my example here I've used a hand-dyed semi-solid yarn but like with the fluffy cushion above, there's absolutely no reason why you can't used a mill-dyed yarn. Not only are they just as beautiful as hand-dyed yarns, they're priced more competitively due to much higher production numbers so can be a great way to supplement a beloved skein of hand-dyed yarn.

These photos show the pattern Yarn Tamer by Louise Zass Bangham from the book 'Knit Play Colour' (Love Crafts link) which is a cowl that looks far more complicated than it is to knit. It's moss stitch with the two colourways arranged in a way that creates this incredible effect.

The speckled yarn is This Ain't A Scene and the semi-solid blue is Persia, both repeatable colourways. This yarn base is Tia Merino, a superwash fingering weight single-ply merino which is perfect for accessories like this.

I'm an indie dyer with a Manchester city centre dye studio & shop, and I dye yarn with my team Blazin'Squad. I'm an accredited Living Wage Employer and most of us are on the autistic spectrum. We like bold in your face colours, metal music and eating too many donuts from Siop Shop.


Fyberspates Cumulus

Fyberspates Cumulus - we stock all the colours

Tia Merino - hand dyed by us

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