August 08, 2019

Alright there, la?


Well, I think someone put something wonderful in my porridge this morning because today has been a studio day in which I dyed yarn, did some admin, danced erratically and picked apart the story of Snow White (Disney's diluted version) and now Blazin'Squad Jam and Haydn cannot stop laughing at me. Or with me, it's hard to tell.


So I am polyamorous, which means "love of many" and is a weird Greek and Latin mash-up of words but essentially means "I have multiple relationships at the same time." Also known as ethical non-monogamy. Still with me?


So Snow White. She was doing alright y'know,  shacked up with her seven men. If she wanted to spend the morning with a grumpybum, well she could. If she wanted to enjoy the company of someone sleepy, boom! Personally, I'm of the opinion that it's selfish to expect one person to fulfil all your needs so Snow White was living the poly high life as far as I'm concerned.  And I've seen Rammstein's video Sonne and she looked happy enough.

So along comes some prince on his horse with some necrophilia fetish (I have questions btw - this isn't cool prince) and with a kiss, she wakes up and leaves behind her little poly family.


So this was the discussion today in the studio as I was doing admin which is clearly so boring that I need to go off on a rant about a fairy tale, and Haydn and Jam were twisting yarn in hysterical laughter at me. Or with me. I don't know.


What I do know is every time they look at me the laughing starts up again. I haven't figured out if it was the subject matter of my rant or how impassioned I was about articulating my disdain for Disney Prince on his horse.


Either way - we have repeatable colourways in the online shop on Lady Persephone Sock. I haven't dyed any repeatable colourways in - erm - six months (yikes!) and I have a whole list more that I want to dye but there's some on the website now, including URBEX, NERDS PREFER THEIR RAINBOWS DARKER, STARDUST, INDUSTRIAL, RITUAL...


Don't forget that we have free UK shipping on orders over £50 and free international shipping on orders over £100 and you shop VAT-free if you're outside the EU.


Have a smashing week!

~ Countess


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