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May 26, 2019 1 min read

REBEL BATCHES + AUTISM | Countess Ablaze

I firmly dislike dyeing repeatable colourways for two reasons:⠀

a). I like to dye intuitively so tend not to measure dyes and citric acid⠀

b). My entire life is ruled by autism. This means routines to keep me from overload, and one of the few times I can let my hair down (at least if I actually had any 😉) is to dye how I feel. It's a way of self-expression that doesn't feel too vulnerable (mostly)⠀

When you're on the spectrum, you get told that in life you need to mask to fit in and be accepted which means compliance. It's also fkn exhausting, hence why I've felt unwell this year.⠀

See, I love rules because then my expectations are met but I'm a fierce challenger of rules that are arbitrary and make no sense, which is why I've gotten in trouble with authority figures in the past. 🙈⠀

So the way I run my business is like this:⠀
Look after my Squad (number 1 priority), pay the taxes and overheads and stick to the etiquette of running a business. THEN I break the rules in the dye studio and I've encouraged the Squad to do the same. We call our collections of non-repeatable colourways REBEL BATCH.⠀

I'll dye repeatable colours if I'm in the mood. Good business practice? Maybe not.⠀

Good to accommodate my autism, and bend the rules so I can participate in the workforce? Damn fkn straight!⠀

~ Countess⠀

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