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REBEL BATCH // THE FEELS | Countess Ablaze


Morning! It's February. No more drudgery of January 2021. Is it just me or did January just feel harder than usual? It's relentless. So I've just dropped our first REBEL BATCH of the year on the website and its called The Feels.

Inspired by an eclectic playlist I complied on Spotify (no, it's not full of metal. I KNOW!), I've had a go at capturing the emotions of everything lately, across many genres and decades. I truly could have gone on and on with this one but needed to limit at 40-ish or we'd be drowning in yarn. 

One thing you may be able to notice, or maybe not (Blazin'Squad Ann pointed it out) is that the entirety of this Rebel Batch is dyed just by moi and she reckon it shows. I'll let you be the judge of that! I have been so bogged down for months on end in designing new websites, VAT changes, Brexit, pandemic regulations, etc etc etc that I haven't personally had the opportunity to dye as much yarn as I'd like so I took full advantage of this opportunity.

Here's some of my favourites. Yep, even I have favourites and love this batch.


Killing Me Softly With His Song, Roberta Flack on Grande Merino DK.

This is six layers of dye, all blending together and finished with a light barely-there layer of toffee brown over the top to bring it all together.

The complexity. ooof.


Spielgel im spiegel, Arvo Pärt on Rebel Fingering.

It's a tonal colourway of several layers built up to create this complex gold ochre.


Linger, The Cranberries on Viscount of Spark Sock.

The Viscount is back! Bring on the sparkle, I say. This is merino, nylon and silver stellina.

Again, complex layers. Did I say I like dyeing in layers?!


Never Grow Up, Taylor Swift on Lady Persephone Sock.

Everyone's favourite Lady P with an abundance of colours. I'm particularly loving the lilac and gold ochre in this one.


>>> Find the REBEL BATCH here

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