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📦 We ship worldwide! - Just dropped, lots of colourways on Lady Persephone Sock Yarn
📦 We ship worldwide! - Just dropped, lots of colourways on Lady Persephone Sock Yarn
REBEL BATCH // Next Slide Please | Countess Ablaze

REBEL BATCH // Next Slide Please

Staff picks by Blazin'Squad Haydn

What a year. The last Rebel Batch of the year is live now on the website and unlike the UK government, The Countess hasn't let you down.

The Countess has been busy collecting phrases all year for this Rebel Batch, a collective of dumpster fire statements and rubbish regulations. I guess you can say that 2020 has provided us with plenty of inspiration for this one, cheers.

Introducing "Next Slide Please", our latest Rebel Batch and it's easily one of my favourites. We have 56 colourways across 3 yarn bases, Lady Persephone Sock, Grande Merino DK and my personal favourite, Countess of Exmoor.
U-turns on Lady Persephone sock yarn by Countess Ablaze


We've seen our fair share of these from the government but 2020 has taken the biscuit. Do we even know the rules anymore?

My first selection is a Lady Persephone sock yarn colourway. This is our staple sock yarn and for good reason, there is almost nothing you can't make with this stuff.

This colourway is one of my favourites from this batch because I can't resist a loud and in your face skein. The combination of bright colours with the strike of black is stunning and I can see this disappearing quickly.
I am more than an algorithm on Lady Persephone sock yarn by Countess Ablaze

"I am more than an algorithm"

Red is a notoriously tough colour to get right in the dyeing process and often needs multiple layers of dye to get even coverage. 

Unfortunately, this then means it's going to bleed like crazy when being washed. Lady Persephone Sock takes red dye well as it's super-wash but isn't exempt of leaking dye when washed. I've been experimenting over the year on getting that perfect red.

Introducing "I am more than an algorithm", a combination of gold layers with an over-dye of red. The result is this complex, warm red skein that isn't washed out and is saturated as f*ck. This would be a fine addition to any project but be quick, I think the Countess has her eye on this one.
Veil of Tiers on Grande Merino DK yarn by Countess Ablaze

"Veil of Tiers"

A yellow so bright, it hurts to look at. 

While that is an exaggeration, it's not too far from the truth. A proper bright yellow can be hard to come by and if you need a skein of yarn to get you noticed, this would be the top of my recommendation list.

This colourway is on Grande Merino DK and is perfect for your jumpers, scarves and duvet sized shawls. It would look great as an accent colour or you could be "that person" and cosplay a British field in the summer. Whatever the project, this soft and squishy yarn has your back.
Next Slide Please on Grande Merino DK wool by Countess Ablaze

"Next Slide Please"

2020 gave us many iconic lines, but this one was soo good it became the title of the Rebel Batch.

I purposely picked out this one as it gave me some trouble in the dye baths. Grande Merino is a thirsty yarn base and the colour exhausts fast, meaning this can leave skeins looking washy if not adequately dyed. This colourway was speckled with multiple colours and went through the process of going in the oven and washed.

Upon hanging it up to dry I realised it looked flat and kinda sad. I decided to dunk them in the tea urns with a single layer of grey and boom, this majestic colourway was created.

I was tasked with getting my Grandma some yarn this Christmas and she nearly got this one, not sure how that would have gone down...
Nurse Pays Bills with Applause on Exmoor Sock yarn by Countess Ablaze

"Nurse pay bills with applause"

It's been a bloody tough year for NHS workers who have had it against them daily. They deserve better. 

Did I just pick another yellow colourway on a different base as staff picks? Yes, I did. Can we take a moment to appreciate how a rustic yarn base takes a warm yellow? The grey base tones make everything look soo much better than other yarn bases (I'm not biased) and the Countess of Exmoor is no different. It's sheepy, it's bright and it needs to be in your stash.
You Can Go Outside if You're The PM's Mate on Exmoor sock yarn by Countess Ablaze
"You can go outside"
You can go outside but don't. If you truly must go outside, it must be on a Tuesday and while wearing blue. Unless, you have yellow wellies, in which case you can go to your local castle to test your eyes.

I still can't decide if I prefer a semi-solid colourway on Countess of Exmoor or if I like the busier, variegated skeins. This is a strong contender for team semi-solid. There is something about a rich pink skein of yarn that demands my attention. This base has been my favourite of 2020 and there is going to have to be something stunning to take that title away next year. 

That was the teams' favourite from our last Rebel Batch of the year. Narrowing down this collection to just 6 colourways was difficult but I think it highlights some particularly nice skeins.

What have you managed to pick up from this drop? Let us know in Underground, our new online community.

Rock on and stay safe! 

Blazin' Squad Haydn
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