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📦 We ship worldwide! - Just dropped, lots of colourways on Lady Persephone Sock Yarn
📦 We ship worldwide! - Just dropped, lots of colourways on Lady Persephone Sock Yarn


Finally, a rebel batch update!

We've been so busy dyeing yarn for our retailers that we haven't had the chance to dye new yarns for us in a couple of months so here we are with our latest REBEL BATCH update, Amazon Wishlist

Love them or really hate them, it's Amazon. Known for being a monopoly of pretty much most of the retail industry, they are heavily criticised. We poke the wasps' nest with this REBEL BATCH update and intersperse it with politics and inane rubbish you can buy on there. Nicolas Cage Activity Book, anybody?


I asked the Blazin'Squad team to pick out their favourites from the Amazon Wishlist REBEL BATCH and there were some minor arguments on who got to pick a certain orange skein.

by Blazin'Squad Haydn

jeff bezos to end world hunger

The first pick is from Blazin'Squad Ann who chose "Jeff Bezos to End World Hunger" on Lady Persephone Sock Yarn. You may remember a preview last weekend of this colourway and Ann is happy to see this hit the shelves. The conversation in our new community Underground right now seems to be about socks [whose fault is that, huh?] so what could be more fitting than the ideal sock yarn. The Bluefaced Leicester wool with a 10% dash of nylon makes this base a hardworking, hard-wearing and an all round badass, a definitive choice for your next project.

the nicolas cage activity book

Our very own Blazin' Squad Mod in Underground selected her Lady Persephone colourway in the form of "The Nicolas Cage Activity Book". Just as everyone should own this book for their shelves, this is a must own colourway. Perfect for your trolling the Countess needs, this Green and Red masterpiece will will look at home in any crochet project. If you're anything like the Countess, this colour combo is a no-go, but I love it! 

(The irony is that the Countess dyed this colourway even through she keeps telling me off for orangey-green yarns).

shower curtain with pockets

"I thought you said there was a new yarn base?" I can hear you asking. Introducing my own pick, "Shower Curtain with Pockets" on the base Countess of Exmoor. This is fresh out of the dye pans and straight to the shelves as a new fingering weight yarn. A combination of Exmoor Blueface, Corridale, Zwarbles and Nylon come together to make a tough yarn that has some serious bounce to it. We all genuinely didn't think we could love another fingering yarn as much as Lady Persephone but here we are. I also can't work out if a Shower Curtain with Pockets is genius or an awful idea...


shark bed

With a title that wouldn't look out of place on a punk band t-shirt, the Countess has selected [and hard fought for] "Shark Bed" on Countess of Exmoor.

This colourway pretty much made a four way tie between us all because well, look at it.
This picture isn't altered, the yarn does actually look like it's glowing in hand. We have been playing around with our dye sessions recently and it's showing. I can't get enough of this base and I can't wait to get this on a loom asap. That's if I can pry it from the Countess's clutches long enough to claim it.
What's your favourite new colourway from the Amazon Wishlist REBEL BATCH?
Stay safe and Rock on 🤘
Blazin' Squad Haydn

Blazin'Squad Haydn

I'm the senior assistant here at Countess Ablaze but I just tell people I dye yarn for an evil genius. A collector of sneakers and a player of Destiny.


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