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🛍️ SHOP OUR SUMMER SALE 📦 PLUS - new reduced worldwide postage rates
Our ethos at Countess Ablaze Countess Ablaze

Our ethos at Countess Ablaze


Hi, I'm Lyndsey, the Countess. I have high functioning autism, as well as a bunch of invisible illnesses, and have somehow managed to navigate the neurotypical world to build a business that I can be proud of. My mission is to ensure that other people, regardless of disability or ability, skin colour, sexuality, gender, ethnicity, or religion feel that they can be a part of what we offer in terms of community, products and employment here.


We're always working to do better and we're thankful for the opportunity to learn from the knitting and crochet community.


Coming from a background of poverty and abuse, I have found myself in the privileged position of being able to give back, a position I strive never to take for granted. It is my aim that my staff are able to afford to buy the products that we make and sell and we are an accredited Living Wage Employer.


Numerous charitable works have been done and will continue to be done, to benefit charities that mean the most to my staff and me.


From 1st April 2019, 5% of our sales at and in-store will be used as microloans on Kiva. Kiva is a worldwide project specialising in microfinancing small businesses and individuals who are locked out of accessing business aid from mainstream banks and organisations. Microfinancing gives people an opportunity to begin businesses, or grow them and a number are textiles based. Textiles based loans will be our major interest but we'll also lend to others. You can find our Kiva page here.


~ Countess

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