March 05, 2019 2 min read





Guess whose back⠀
Back again⠀

It is I, Countess and I am back from my annual leave where I spent my days in my second home of Amsterdam. I know that Blazin'Squad are nervous about coming back to work because there is something about me getting past the anniversary of my late husband's death and my brain switching on to some evil plans so they are fully anticipating *something.*⠀

Well, how about a Naked Knitting Retreat?
I jest! Actually and most importantly, I've had autistic overload for three months and I have discovered why. Having up to five panic attacks a day is no joke, I've been a non-functioning wreck.⠀

Hi, my name is Countess and I am addicted to scrolling through my phone and being unable to switch off from work. Yes, I am guilty of this. On my week off, I uninstalled all social media from my phone and guess what I did?⠀

I read 2 books, knitted an entire one skein project, visited a fuck ton of places, met up with various friends, slept. OMFG - I slept soundly.⠀

And then on Saturday something within me was truly unblocked and I sat down for six hours and blasted out the first draft of my branding workshop, which sold out at Woollinn in minutes. I was at risk of becoming a low-level insignificant Fyre Festival because I hadn't actually written it. Whoops! But I could have put my students in pop up kids tents, I guess...⠀

So this is what I'm going to do. I'm not compromising my health anymore. Social media is staying uninstalled off my phone. It will be used on work devices and once finished for the day at the studio, that's it. No more that day. This bitch has stuff to do - like turn that workshop into digital products and workshops in my studio in Manchester, as well as take it elsewhere.⠀

I've even signed up to dance classes. Yes, oh yes I have.⠀

Tell me something that you've done lately to take control of a part of your life. I'm feeling inspired.⠀

P.S. Blazin'Squad - I have no further grand plans. Sorry to be a disappointment!⠀

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