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📦 We ship worldwide! - Just dropped, lots of colourways on Lady Persephone Sock Yarn
📦 We ship worldwide! - Just dropped, lots of colourways on Lady Persephone Sock Yarn
Monday morning roundup | Countess Ablaze

Monday morning roundup

Morning! I'm dropping in with a quick reminder that 20% of sales from Thursday to end of today (Monday) will be donated to Fareshare Manchester, a charity who redistribute surplus good quality food to communities and charities who need it.

It has been fabulous seeing faces in the studio last week as we have partially reopened to the public again with an appointment system. We're based in Manchester city centre, UK and there's a sign up form on the website if you'd like to drop in. Alternatively, you can collect from store when ordering online.

We are still shipping worldwide, and will continue to do so in 2021. I know Brexit is a bit of a “what's going on?” but I am determined to work with what we've got (I've been a staunch Remainer for the past four years) and crack on. I've already seeked assurances from the accountant, etc about our 2021 plans so I'm less stressed about this than I was. But still mildly stressed…

It's December and we'll continue to ship until December 22nd. There are international dates that once passed, your order is less likely to arrive before Christmas. All of these dates are on the website product pages as a reminder. P

Pleasebear in mind that with the uptick in online ordering in general this year, it may take ever so slightly longer for your order to arrive. Our orders are shipped with Royal Mail and with tracking as standard. If you're ever worried about ordering and you're outside the UK, this Royal Mail International Incidents webpage is worth bookmarking as its the same information we work from.

Our latest REBEL BATCH collection from Friday has been a hit! Entitled “Next Slide Please” we take a look at British governmental f*ck-ups of this year as a follow up to our previous colourway from the early summer, The Ministry of Truth Twisting. Huge thanks for all the weekend orders.

Do you have any suggestions for future REBEL BATCH collections? If so, let us know in UNDERGROUND, our online community. We steer clear of literal colourways and love abstract ideas instead that you wouldn't get with many other dyers. Check out our Archive of REBEL BATCHES for inspiration.

Also, for anyone with a business wondering about how we're managing without social media (six months now!), we are managing just fine. In fact, better than ever. There's nothing quite like abandoning algorithms and outrage that you can do nothing about and concentrating on what you can do something about. I've been occasionally dropping traffic metrics in UNDERGROUND to demonstrate this too.

So this is my Monday morning round-up as I drink my coffee and get on with packing orders. I hope you're doing well and taking moments when you can just for yourself. It's been “a year.”

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