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Like and Subscribe! Staff picks | Countess Ablaze

Like and Subscribe! Staff picks

We've all been subjected to "Internet Culture" in some form, even if you hang out in a space like Underground. As you may have guessed, the Like and Subscribe Rebel Batch was my domain. Since I watch a lot of online content some of these colourway names are all too real for me. I even got to throw in some personal favourite phrases for good measure.

So, don't forget to smash the like button, decimate that sub icon, and let's get stuck in!

"What's up everyone! It's your boy "

Merino, silk and yarn 4ply yarn hand-dyed by Countess Ablaze

In 2017 it was impossible to navigate YouTube without coming across some obnoxious teenager that yelled this as their intro. It didn't matter if it was a Call of Duty video or a tutorial of how to put down a carpet, apparently I'm someone's boy.  This colourway is on Rebel Fingering and once again, I'm going to sing this base's praises because it's just beautiful. I've been playing around with trying to create some rusty colours as the shine on this base makes it look metallic. I think it was successful.   



Variegated hand-dyed yarn by Countess Ablaze, 4ply weight merino wool, silk and yak

The curse of the Hashtag began in 2010 and it's been relentless ever since. Whether you are the person hash-tagging your every move or you detest them from the sidelines, can we all agree that this colourway is delicious. 

Our second selection is another Rebel Fingering but this time it's sporting a variegated colourway, filled with reds, yellows, blacks, blues, and purples. This base screams shawl knitting and this particular skein would look incredible draped over your shoulder. In fact, I might have to grab one these myself...


"The YouTube Algorithm"

Bright yellow baby alpaca knitting yarn

A battle as long as time itself has raged on between YouTubers and it's algorithm. It's notorious for seeming like the benchmark changes daily. It's riddled with rules and systems that are all AI based, so it's often a mess. Certainly not a job I'd want to be dealing with.

This rubber-duck-like colourway is on our Insurgent DK base and I'm actually proud of this one. Insurgent is 100% Baby Alpaca and dye often comes out muted once it's out of the oven but this is by no means muted. If you love a great hand dyed yarn but are a little sensitive to sheep, this an ideal alternative.



Variegated hand-dyed baby alpaca yarn by Countess Ablaze

Content creators will do all they can to grab your attention. Whether it's the outrageous title or the obscene content, they often are as disappointing to watch as the plastic film of a ready meal sticking to your food. Don't forget to full caps the term "GONE WRONG" just to inspire some morbid curiosity. This selection is another Insurgent DK and is sporting a Ritual-like colourway with an emphasis on the green. This isn't a base to pass on, it's gorgeous.


"Reaction Videos"

Hand-dyed merino 4ply yarn in saturated colours by Countess Ablaze

Reaction videos plagued the internet once somebody worked out they could get paid to sit and record themselves occasionally saying "whoa" while watching a video of a dog waking itself up with a fart (oddly specific I know). It was never the same again.

Grande Merino Fingering is back! This 4ply yarn hasn't been on our shelves for some time now but we managed to convince the Countess to work her magic. Who doesn't love a moody colourway? If you are anything like the Countess, your stash looks entirely like this skein. 


"Enter my giveaway"

Purple and orange speckled hand-dyed merino wool yarn by Countess Ablaze

Give me your data! I mean.... *cough* Enter my giveaway! I don't think it's possible to watch a guide online without this term being casually dropped in. Does anyone actually win?

This is our second Grande Merino Fingering choice and honestly I may have chosen it because it's my baby. This colourway was the perfect happy accident of attempting to mix an interesting purple and I accidentally leaked orange onto the yarn. At that point I thought, hey, lets roll with that. I do wonder when my fascination with orange will end.


That's a selection of our favourites from "Like & Subscribe", what did you manage to get? Let us know below and don't forget to cheer this post and follow me on Mighty Networks 😉

Rock on and stay safe! 

Blazin' Squad Haydn

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