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Join us UNDERGROUND in our new online community! Also, online shopping is back.
Join us UNDERGROUND in our new online community! Also, online shopping is back.
Life in the studio at Countess Ablaze Countess Ablaze

Life in the studio at Countess Ablaze

This is my camera-shy daughter, Livia. She's stuck in the studio with Haydn and me when in another universe, she'd have sat her final GCSE exam this week and would be going to prom tonight. Instead, she's packing orders, learning about SEO, dyeing Blind Dates and hanging yarn up to dry.

I've been so impressed with how she's coped throughout these past few months.
She still won't knit with me though...

As other shops in England opened this week, we kept our studio closed to the public. We're happy staying this way until later on in the year. We're also more than happy for you to collect your online orders if you're in Manchester.

Never have we been so grateful to have a contingency plan though! We initially set it up to cope with the Choose Your Own Adventure Brexit and then the added curveball of a pandemic hit, which fortunately meant we didn't need to panic too much and could press our Red Button.

This means we've introduced wholesale and are sending our first orders to shops in the next few weeks so stay tuned for those details. We're not doing wholesale the same way as other dyers. We'll be dyeing Rebel Batches for shops so they have exclusivity of their colourways and you can't buy the same thing from us or anywhere else. If you have a yarn shop and are interested in this, hit us up on email for a Retailer Info Booklet.

We've also been introducing more Guest Yarns and have more to add in the pipeline over the coming months.

As always, take bloody good care of yourself and STAY ALERT! (whatever that means)


Rock on!


Sandnes Garn Mandarin Petit cotton yarn


Fyberspates Cumulus alpaca and silk lace yarn for knitting and crochet


Dye of the Tiger hand dyed yarn from Manchester

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