Last postage date Wednesday 25th March 2020

March 23, 2020 2 min read

Last postage date Wednesday 25th March 2020 Countess Ablaze

Well, the weather in the UK is glorious and given that Nandos has closed its doors, well I can't go back into the studio. Where's my incentive?! Humour aside though, there's been some prized selfish knobs about having parties when we're told to social distance ourselves.

I hate to say it but yarn isn't an essential commodity or service. My shop has already been closed to the public for over a week with most staff working from home (aka knitting whilst watching Netflix). There's just Haydn & I left packing orders and getting those out of the door.

Everything changes daily right now so I've decided that Wednesday 25th March will be our last postage day until further notice.

To get to the studio, I'm in the car, straight inside, then straight into the car at the end of my working day, however I'm technically high risk for complications. But actually what worries me more is my mental health. Every spring I have a bipolar manic or mixed episode and whilst this spring is so far like no other we've experienced, trying to keep a business like mine going singlehandedly will break me. So I'll be keeping my social distance, which I'm very experienced in anyway! I'll still be around online and working in other ways.

So Goldie the Postie shall collect the last orders on Wednesday at 3pm so make sure you get them in early enough. You'll still be able to buy gift cards and sign up to Yarn Cartel - small businesses need all the help we can get right now.

We'll see what's what and reopen as soon as we can. Just to reassure you, staff are all on full pay during this time and had the pleasure of raiding the events cupboard of popcorn, Pringles and bottles of wine to take with them. I even threw in toilet rolls and sanitary protection for good measure (I stockpiled for Brexit which people laughed at. Heh). They're all doing good and their spirits are high so far.

Me? I'm a workaholic who is about to learn some new relaxing skills. Probably about time!

Keep well & stay in your own dance space!
Rock on!


Photo robbed from Dirty Dancing.

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