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Knitting with Oh Kelly! | Countess Ablaze

Knitting with Oh Kelly!

I love a good green. Like many other people who were inflicted with hideous bottle green school uniforms, it took many years before I'd even look at green again as a serious option for anything. I even remember Grandma Betty telling me that wearing green would attract bad luck. I come from a suspicious lot, it seems.

I fkn love our colourway Oh Kelly! It is the perfect Kelly green, not too blue, not too yellow and I keep stopping to admire the saturation of the colour which I'm sure will look fabulous when I wear it and if it doesn't, then I'll just change the colour of my wig! I'm knitting an Exposure Top that Julie Knits in Paris (URL to her website) designed for Tits Out Collective in 2018. Was it really that long ago that I organised that?!

I took the time last week to dye Oh Kelly! on a bunch of yarn bases that I had to hand, including Cheviot Cavalry Aran, The Bluefaced Baron LACE, Auntie Plastique and The English Gentleman DK.

Oh Kelly hand-dyed yarn, green wool for knitting and crochet

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