Knitter of the Year winner

January 24, 2019 2 min read

Knitter of the Year winner Countess Ablaze

Surprise surprise! Yes, I have my tits out *again* but we all know that isn't the surprise. I'm a Knit Now magazine Knitter of the Year winner. This is ruining my running streak of successfully avoiding awards and prizes because they make me feel uncomfortable. I even googled "how to decline" but I can't figure out how to do it without looking like an arse. I truly am that awkward and not very good with praise.

But then I realised this award isn't about me, it's about the 287 small businesses in the fibre community who came together in July 2018 and raised over £55,000 for charities worldwide under the name Tits Out Collective. They raised approximately £400k of revenue and I gave these businesses, from established to brand new, an equal footing on a gallery that had no branding, no logos, no egos.

I gave a platform for anyone who wanted it; it was up to the individual businesses to do what they wanted, and they ran wild with the imagination and creativity, working together in mass collaboration. I was just herding cats, these are the ones who showed up and did the hard work. The gallery is on my websiteand check out who took part - please continue to give them your love.

The prize is a trip to the mill of West Yorkshire Spinners and I have chosen Leona-Jayne of Rusty Ferret Yarn to attend and represent Tits Out Collective on our behalf. Because Tits Out Collective is the real winner here, not me, and LJ is losing her shit with excitement as going to this mill is on her bucket list of places to go, so it's going to someone who will do us proud.

We'll be doing it again in July 2019 with a new concept, a new colourway and participants get a generous 21 days lead time to get their arses in gear, a step up from the 13 days they did it in this time!

Thank you to Knit Now magazine for awarding Tits Out Collective.⠀
Thank you to the rebellious bastards who voted for Countess Ablaze. Just don't do it again 😈⠀

~ Countess

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