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We have a tiny amount of stock left & we are only shipping to the UK from October 16th.
We have a tiny amount of stock left & we are only shipping to the UK from October 16th.
Joy as an Act of Resistance | Countess Ablaze

Joy as an Act of Resistance

Joy as an Act of Resistance

I'd like to start with an apology. This time last year, we had a themed box available to UK addresses only called The Brexit Survival Box. In it were yarn and enough essentials to survive at least half a day in the apocalypse, such as water purification tablets, an epic book about preppers and dystopia, condoms, gin, chocolate, dried noodles... 

Either we were ahead of the curve or we angered somebody with power because 2020 has been shitballs. So we're sorry if we had any involvement. (I mean, we know we didn't but go with the narrative).

So let's pretend we have any influence over anything, yeah?

So this year, we want to put things right, if at all possible. This year, our box is called 'Joy as an Act of Resistance' and it's all about YOU. I know that for marketing purposes I'm supposed to use the phrase "self-care" but it makes my eyes roll. So the aim of this is similar to last year but without the gallows humour. We want to bring joy to you, hopefully, without twee 'live, love, laugh' energy. 

Choose one or two skeins of Lady Persephone Sock yarn (Bluefaced Leicester and nylon). We can only offer one yarn base because we've split the team into two bubbles so we can work around the 'Rona and we need to work sustainably. It will be one colourway only and a complete surprise. We will work with British small indie businesses to bring you a box of joy that will make you smile. Unlike last year, this will be available internationally so don't expect gin!

We aim to send boxes by November 6th 2020. 

If we have any COVID issues here such as one or both bubbles needing to self-isolate and putting things behind schedule, we will let you know. 

The deadline to sign up for a box will be Wednesday 14th October 2020 so we can dye all the yarn together and order in everything needed.

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