July 06, 2017

I bet most of us have heard these words directed at us at least once. The soul-crushing words that cannot be taken back, that make us feel inferior as we plummet into that existential crisis of "why?" And online dating is just eugh. 

Plus there's the embarrassment of sitting on the bus whilst swiping through Tinder in the hope of finding The One. Or maybe more than one.

Wouldn't Yarn Tinder be so much more satisfying?

Find your One Yarn whilst flicking left for "No Thanks, mate" and right for "oh yes, that's the yarn for me." It would also be more socially acceptable to swipe whilst sitting on the bus or in an overfilled hot sticky school hall waiting for your kid's school performance to start. I imagine that scenario isn't Tinder friendly. 

So which yarn would you swipe right on?
The English Gentleman Fingering:


Or how about The Bluefaced Baron Fingering?


Or even The Cheviot Cavalier Aran?


Maybe you prefer your yarn on the chunkier and sparkly side? 


Yarn Tinder. It could be the future. 

~ Countess.