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Fruity Knitting's Andrea and Countess Ablaze

At Edinburgh Yarn Festival this year, I had the immense privilege of being interviewed by Andrea of Fruity Knitting. As you can see, I am clearly not dressed for the occasion with my omission of fair isle however what you can see is me gothed up a little in our booth that was styled as a nuclear bunker, complete with camo nets and gas masks. Because why not?



I won't tell you where my segment is because you need to watch for yourself but I can assure you, it's a fairly fun and dynamic interview and possibly a little different from their usual interviews. 

Fruity Knitting is powered by the good folks who are their Patreon supporters, who enable Andrea and Andrew to tour around chatting to wool people, as well as supporting the time, effort and editing that goes into this show. At Countess Ablaze we have a generous discount for Fruity Knitting Patreons that many have already benefitted from so if you wish to support their work, please hit the button to sign up.

Please note that the YouTube video and images are copyright of Fruity Knitting, who btw, is a saucy delight. ;) 

Apart from this photo which is a meme from the internet that reminds me so much of this interview!

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