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I am waging a war against boring yarn.

June 30, 2017 1 min read

Those yarns that do not spark joy.
Those yarns that do not knit up in the way that you want them to.
Those yarns that do not feel like those snuggly little puppies from Unilad videos.
Those yarns that do smell far too much of Eau d'unicorn and they make you want to sneeze.

So I bring you The Space Cadet.
It's a yarn for hipsters who like The Speckles.

Now hang on a minute. I used to be the first person to have a sneer at hipsters however, bear with me.
  • They brought us good coffee
  • A variety of hipster gluten free food
  • Man buns

The genius of Vladimir Putin with a manbun comes from Lionx. There's a wholewebpage dedicated to politicians withmanbuns which is a wonderful distraction from real politics and a nice alternative to cat videos. You have to find dark humour in this dystopian world to survive.

Hipsters also like their big-ass chunky yarn. Well now I bring you big-ass chunk yarn in my signature explosion in a paint factory style. Plus neons. What's not to like?

The Space Cadet -
  • Super chunky
  • Super wash
  • Super merino (the super is superfluous but let's go with the flow)
  • Super silver Stellina for all the sparkles. All the bling. Be a blingy hipster.
  • 200 grams / 7 ounces
  • Did I mention the speckles, the neons, the soft as kittens?
  • We even have the needles you need - hit up the 10-12mm Hiya Hiyas for these babies.

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