June 01, 2018

It is well known that I don't do shows and that I say no to pretty much almost everything. But when I drunkenly agreed to do the show at Woollinn Dublin, well I needed to save face and actually do it. So I did.

I dragged Petra (Undercover Otter) and Jane (Yarnison) along for the ride, as well as my pal Jo (Shinybees) and Georgia from the studio.

We brought a shit ton of yarn, we sold a shit ton of yarn, we had problems with couriers that tested our patience (but sorted with some Countess boot stomping and a few behind the scenes tears) and we met lots of lovely people at this inaugural show.

But most importantly, I actually enjoyed it. To the point that I have decided that I will do one show a year and that is it. And I've already chosen where to apply so no need to hit me up if you're a show organiser!

I've never had an interest in trailing around the show circuit and there's no need for me to do so given that I have a city centre gaff in a major city and people are happy to make their way to visit. But one show a year would allow me to get theatrical. I don't do something unless I get to dress up and wear stupid nails that almost impaled a few people.

The Woollinn organisers are absolutely top notch, we were very impressed with their professionalism and helping us get out of our scrapes with the courier. 

We even had Michael Flatley chained up in a display of yarn bondage, just for the hell of it.


Thanks for a great show folks!