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📦 We ship worldwide! - Just dropped, lots of colourways on Lady Persephone Sock Yarn
📦 We ship worldwide! - Just dropped, lots of colourways on Lady Persephone Sock Yarn
Happy New Year 2020 Countess Ablaze

Happy New Year 2020

A quick video from IGTV on Saturday 4th December 2020




Hey! We are back in the studio, we are back at work. We have been back for a few days and all of our sale orders, they've already gone. So thank you very, very much to those of you who shopped with us this Christmas.

And what do we got coming up? So next week we will be putting out our first REBEL BATCH of the year and the theme will be RESOLUTIONS.

So last... it was last week, it just feels like, I don't even know it is Saturday, isn't it right?

So a few days ago, on Instagram Stories we asked for your resolutions and we had a few hundreds of, your resolutions. Amazingly, not a single person explicitly said that their resolution was to lose weight. There were variations of it to move more or hydrate or cut down on crisps or something like that but nobody explicitly said lose weight, and that was brilliant.

Anyway, so, because there were so many, and we can't dye that many, but I mean we could, but we couldn't sell that many all at once, so were some duplicates, we've covered all bases of our resolutions.

So there are 40 colourways coming next week based on your crowdsourced resolutions. So thank you very very much if you sent those in.

So there are two yarn bases. The first one is The Space Cadet. That one is our super chunky superwash Merino and sparkly stellina which is really popular. Everybody loves them.

And the second one is Lady Persephone Sock which is our favourite. It's my personal favourite for socks. It's also our best seller. This time we will be selling it is 50-gram skeins.

I'm pretty excited about this because it means you can get a smaller skein to use for heels and toes, or if you need a smaller amount of yarn for fades (yes I said that). You know, sometimes you just don't need 100 grams.

So, these 50 grams skeins will be coming in next week's update and I've got a couple here. Let's have a look. See, that's what we've finally got in, I'm quite excited about this 50-gram skeins, which will be the absolute lowest weight, we will dye for labour and cost reasons.

So I already hate labelling them. That's what I've been doing the past day or so I already hate, but we love dyeing them so you know there is a trade-off, and see so yeah we're back in the studio.

I don't necessarily have resolutions as such, I did decide back in October to completely change my life, which I am ongoing with, and I'm feeling very very happy with all the decisions.

I have made certain decisions like stop masking so much which is why right now I'm umming probably a little more than usual because I refuse to hide my Autistic Self anymore. So, yeah, I'm a bit tired of trying to mask. So, I have cut down significantly.

We no longer have knit group here, we will not be hosting it. I've hosted a knit group for five years, and met some fantastic people through it but is absolutely exhausting when you are on the spectrum, and every week, you are masking and trying to keep your shit together. When you just can't do it anymore. That's the reality. So, yeah, so I'm again I'm happy with that decision. So, yeah, my resolution began last year.

So that's really about it. That's what I want to talk about just at the moment. So we have 50-gram skeins coming next week. If you are an active member of Yarn Cartel which is our yarn subscription club, you will get access to the update first on Tuesday; you will get an email just to let you know where to find the updates, and then it will go on general release on Thursday.

Right. Have a fantastic weekend rock on!

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