February 25, 2020 1 min read



Deep breath 🙏

Guess who is back for a full interview on Fruity Knitting! (previously a small segment at Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2019). I ramble a lot about yarn, dyeing, colourway names, Tits Out Collective and how it benefited many businesses and charities, autism, tips on eye contact for those of us who struggle, young widowhood and a tour around our dye studio.

For the first time, I publicly talk more about my past, of life before Countess Ablaze. You'll hear why I've largely avoided interviews over the past 8 years, because everyone always asks about the past, right?

So hi! I'm Lyndsey and this interview is what storytellers would call My Hero Journey. 🤘

Huge thanks to Andrea and Andrew of @fruityknitting for both being awesome; the interview is available to watch on their YouTube channel. You can also support their channel via Patreon, a great way for content creators to raise the funds to keep on producing.

If you'd like to support me, I always have a shop full of hand-dyed yarn for sale and a KoFi account that refuses to take your money. Take that £3 and buy yourself a coffee, taking the time to have a small amount of peace to yourself amidst the chaos we all live in. It'd mean the world to me knowing you can show yourself some kindness. Use #coffeeWithCountess on Instagram so I can be there vicariously with you. 🖤

Rock on!

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