October 17, 2016

Our Halloween trunk show with Rusty Ferret is on Saturday 29th October, 12-5pm. We had a little chat with Leona, who also runs the LYS Fluph in Dundee:
1. Describe your business in five words.
    Neon, playful, loud, spaniels, majestic
2. Where do you create/sell? 
 Rusty ferret is my other business, so the two combine at Fluph, 164 Blackness Road,  Dundee and I dye down in the murder dungeon (I have never murdered anyone, just incase people think I'm a psychopath!)  I'm also online at www.fluph.co.uk where all the Ferrety goodness can be found alongside all the Fluph stuff. 
3. How old is your business?
   Fluph will be a giant 3 this year, but Rusty Ferret is just a baby at 1. 
4. How would you describe your style/niche?
   My friend just said its quite bizarre. I very much love bright colours and playing with how they work together. Neon is best. In my head Rusty Ferret is this steam punk dude who wears the top hat and has a pocket watch so that kind of plays into how I dye too.
5. What's your favourite product that you sell?
   That would have to be the colourway Game Over on the yarn base Doll. It's such a bright green and I named it after an awesome memory I have with my brother. We used to play a game called Crash Bandicoot on the PS1 and when you ran out of lives, the bad guys face would come up on the screen and shout "GAME OVER" but my brother and I being the children that we were would say "GREEN BOGERS" and when I saw that this colourway looked like boogies, I called it Game Over.
6. What are you bringing to the trunk show?
Lots and lots of hand dyed neon wonderfulness (also some more muted colours) I will also be launching a new yarn base and maybe also some Halloween inspired colourways and Ferret-faced project bags!
7. What plans do you have for the future?
Apart from winning the lottery to replace the green shop carpet, I have applied for a stall at Edinburgh Yarn Festival (keep everything crossed guys). My really boring answer to this question is stay in business. 
8. Where can we find you?
In the shop in Dundee, online at www.fluph.co.uk, Instagram fluphshop / Twitter fluphshop / Facebook fluphshop (are we seeing a trend, fluph was too short!)
Join us on Saturday at Countess Ablaze, 101 Chorley Rd, Swinton, Manchester, M27 4AA.