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🛍️ UK customers - FREE postage for a limited time 📦
Covid Bubble Teams at Countess Ablaze | Countess Ablaze

Covid Bubble Teams at Countess Ablaze


Countess Ablaze

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We're going to be splitting Countess Ablaze into two teams / bubbles over the winter that won't physically work together.

Technically, I was supposed to be shielding this year (but not practical when you own a business and need to keep people in employment) so I'll work in the studio alone or with help from someone from my household whilst the others work from home. Then we swap and I work from home. It also means less leaving the home for all of us.

Countess Ablaze and Haydn in the studio, photography by Decoy Media, Manchester

We're seeing businesses being asked to self-isolate and unable to effectively operate which could be really damaging for them, so we're putting our bubbles in place now to get us through the winter.

It's really hard for businesses to manage economics and keeping everybody safe but we're doing our best. If my employees don't feel safe coming into work, they know they're allowed to say, with zero prejudice, and we will make alternative work plans. We're all looking out for each other.

Orders will still be sent as normal unless both teams are required to self isolate at the same time.

You can still collect from the studio in Manchester on Wednesdays and Fridays, just leave a note at checkout and we'll throw your order across the room at you when you arrive.😉

As for our plan to open by appointment from November; it's highly unlikely. Sigh.

Rock on!


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