November 22, 2016

Today we are celebrating FIVE years of Countess Ablaze. Five whole years. It is absolutely incredible to be here today thanking you all for your support, your warmth and encouragement.

Always hold onto your dreams, no matter how crazy they are. The crazier the better. And find your own path, don't follow someone else's. I'm an advocate for doing things lone wolf style and flicking the needle Vs. As for the gold yarn in the background, screw you Rumpelstiltskin, those yarn babies are mine!

I'm often asked where the name Countess Ablaze comes from. It's my burlesque name, from dancing before I had to give it up. Ablaze is the fiery red hair that I had at the time. So we're celebrating five years of business with a burlesque style photo shoot with Nicola Grimshaw-Mitchell from My Boudoir who has taken my ideas, completely run with them and exceeded my expectations.

I could do the faceless and ubiquitous act of setting up a discount code or free postage or a giveaway where you need to jump through hoops. No, it doesn't feel sincere enough to show the gratitude that I feel for the loyalty I have received. Instead, I have randomly selected FIVE people from my customer database - people who have already shown their support - and have sent mysterious yarn packages to them. 

Will the postman come knocking at your door?

Thank you all!

~ Countess 

The shawl is Out Of Darkness by Boo Knits and has been kindly knitted for Countess Ablaze by Clare Farren.