June 20, 2017

So a couple of weeks ago I found myself at Download Festival which is a rock and metal music event that happens each year in the UK. 

It only rained a little bit which is good as the event has the unfortunate nickname of 'Drownload' and I was sleeping in a tent and really wasn't up for the rain. 

However, the event is held right next to an airport. Imagine the scene. You're lying in bed with a hangover from too many strawberry ciders and it's six in the morning. You're in a fancy glamping tent with plugs because let's face it, you're a faux Countess and you need to keep your phone charged to still be able to log into business stuff. Back to six am. It's peaceful, there are birds singing, you're asleep. You're chilled out after feeling highly strung and stressed for what seems like far too long.

And then an aeroplane takes off on the runway which feels as though it is mere metres from your tent. The noise is deafening and worst of all, it wakes you up and you need to sprint to the hell that is a festival toilet.

Thankfully it was not all grim. I listened to some great bands and even sat on the grass knitting, which got the usual cursory shifty looks in my direction. I mean, really, the guys in spandex pretending to be Steel Panther needed the eyebrow-raising moments more than I did.

It's been fairly warm in the UK for a couple of weeks. This is unusual. Or maybe it isn't and I try to eradicate the horror of summer from my memory so that I forget that it exists once a year.

Do you still knit in the summer? I knit all year round. Socks are a good project for the warmer months. Small enough to shove in a small project bag so you're not lugging a heavy bag about in the heat and a promise of warm feet awaits for when you have to pack away the sandals again. Because you will have to pack them away again, probably next week if Manchester weather is anything to go by.

So socks. Sitting outdoors with a glass of your favourite tipple with the birdsong in your ear as the sun blazing down. Maybe that is your ideal summer's day. 

Mine is sat on the floor of a cold shower waiting for summer to go away. Bring on autumn so I can wear those knitted socks that I've strategically knocked up ready.

~ Countess