Coronavirus Update

March 12, 2020 2 min read

Coronavirus Update Countess Ablaze

In the light of the Coronavirus situation, I wanted to inform you of the steps we are taking here at Countess Ablaze.

As you know, we (the Countess and Blazin'Squad) pride ourselves on having a spotless environment, but we've taken this to another level.

The studio is cleaned regularly throughout the day with anti-bacterial products, including areas that are touched such as door handles, stair rails and surfaces.

We wash our hands after each visitor to the studio has left and before packing an online order.

The studio is deep cleaned every evening.

Antibacterial hand wash and gel, as well as soap and water, are available to you when you are with us. We have added paper towels and a sensor-controlled handwash device to the bathroom.

My team get sick pay (not Statutory Sick Pay of pennies per hour but are fully paid from Day 1 of illness) so you will not see ill staff at any time, regardless of the current outbreak of Coronavirus. I'm very strict about recovering from illness.

As a courtesy, before visiting us we would ask you to consider the following:

Have you travelled abroad or to any locations that have been hit by the virus?

Do you have any of the documented flu-like symptoms associated with the virus?

Is anyone close to you feeling unwell?

If the answer to any of these is 'yes' then we would suggest that you seek medical advice from your doctor, or the NHS telephone Helpline 111. I have some pre-existing conditions and would really appreciate anybody who is unwell not to visit us at this time.

The UK is not under lockdown however if I feel the need to close to the public so we can continue to work, or even close the studio entirely and work from home, that is a decision I am willing to make. We already have measures in place to cope with both scenarios.

This week we have prioritised our yarn subscription box YARN CARTEL by getting this into production and out of the door, two weeks ahead of schedule, in the event of illness or potential lockdown.

Be well and rock on!

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