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Colourway - Ritual | Countess Ablaze

Colourway - Ritual

Colourway - Ritual

I do all the repeatable colourway dyeing in the studio. There are some creative reins that I don't like to loosen. Saying that, unlike pretty much 98% of other indie yarn dyers, our list of repeatable colourways is pretty tiny as we focus on Rebel Batches, collections of one-off batches of yarns inspired by a theme.

The reason I'm not keen on dyeing repeatable colourways is that:
1. They bore me to tears, I prefer to throw dye about on Rebel Batches
2. I don't write down recipes or measure dye, hence another reason why I can't offload them to someone else to do. I'll end up taking my dye recipes to the grave.

Ritual on lady persephone sock

This is Ritual on Lady Persephone Sock and it's a colourway that flies off the shelves when I dye it. It's also our second most requested repeatable yarn.

It has a lilac base, dyed in three layers, and then finished with speckled/splashes of green, aqua blue and neon purple. 
Ritual on Lady Persephone Sock

Ritual on Countess of exmoor

Ritual on our new Countess of Exmoor base is just as gorgeous. This blend of Exmoor Bluefaced wool, Corriedale, Zwarbles and nylon is pretty much a new favourite yarn base for me. It feels like traditional wool yet is superwash treated which means I can get those deep Countess-esque deep saturated colours dyed with ease.

Ritual on Countess of Exmoor Sock

Ritual on the curious observer lace

Ritual on The Curious Observer Lace looks a bit different. Using the same dye and same technique, this kid mohair and mulberry silk lace absorbs the dye differently so there is more emphasis on the splashes of colour than the lilac base. I'd love to see how this looks knitted with a skein of Ritual in Lady Persephone.

We even have collectors of Ritual who buy this colourway on every base, every time I release a batch.

Have you got a skein or two of Ritual? What have you made with it?

Rock on!


Countess Ablaze

Dyer of yarns, wearer of boots.

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